TaylorMade 2019 Spider X Copper / White #3 Single Bend Golf Putter

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TaylorMade 2019 Spider X Copper / White #3 Single Bend Golf Putter on sale at golfmadonline
Enhance stability and improve your putting accuracy, with the new Spider X putter.
The redesigned Spider has a heavy steel frame to provide more weight to minimise wrist twist during the putting stroke.

The Spider X Putter Features:

  • PureRoll Technology
  • True Path Alignment System
  • Increased Stability
  • 1-Year Guarantee

True Path Alignment System

This optically engineered sightline helps the golfer to visualise the intended target line more easily, to help you roll more 
balls into the hole more frequently.

Enhanced Stability

This mallet putter has been redesigned with a lightweight 15g carbon composite core and 320g steel frame that is 30% 
heavier to reduce wrist turn. 
Stability is further improved with extreme perimeter weighting, with redesigned weight ports that can be personalised 
with 2g, 6g, and 12g weights.

Pure Roll Technology

The thicker Pure Roll insert combines to provide a better sound and feel. 45-degree grooves with a softer polymer 
improve topspin that is created to improve forward roll across a variety of surfaces ? helping your ball start and stay 
on its intended line more consistently.

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